Dr. Gershom Sikaala

Program name: You Will Never Be the Same

Vision: Miraculous Time

Dr. Gershom Sikaala

Dr. Gershom Sikaala was born in Zambia, South Africa. He came to the United States during the year of 2010. Through a profound visitation from God, he came to know Jesus Christ at the age of 10. At the mere age of 15, God inspired Gershom to begin preaching. His passion for preaching the Gospel to a dying world and to encourage people to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit brings breakthroughs for the Christian mindset of poverty. He has been honored by Breath of the Spirit and the Los Angeles Convention Center with Certificates of excellency in ministry. God continues to use Gershom in highly unique and instrumental ways. Gershom was responsible for bringing medical supples to the dying in Zambia, totaling $250,000. His main gifting is to orchestrate new glory realms in the lives of Christians – where they are able to become more activated in the Spirit. People have reported they experience a profound presence of the Holy Spirit in refreshing ways after they hear Gershom preach.


Dr. Sikaala studied Divinity at South West University, graduating with his doctorate in September 2013. As a natual born leader, he studied both Business Administration at the University of Cambridge in Zambia and Church Planting, Leadership and Cross Cultrual Ministry at the University of the Nations. As an International Public Speaker, Gershom currently oversees 4 churches in South Africa and preaches on every continent of the world. He has lectured at the University of the Nations, the United States and New Zealand. He is involved in discipleship training at YWAM.


Gershom currently appears on his own syndicated show, “You Will Never Be The Same” at the Cross TV; and is co-founder of the Cross TV (building the English channel) reaching over 120 million people. With experience as a Global Prayer Coordinator at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Gershom also had (a reality movie of his life produced) in South Africa during 2010. At one of his conferences in Zambia, he hosted Michael W. Smith as a guest artist.


Gershom is the founder of an international business in Zambia making bamboo bicycles. His organization is featured on CNN News, BBC, NBC and Fox News. He has authored a book called “And You Shall Live,” which tells of the miracles in his life over the past 15 years. Gershom has spent the past three years bringing spiritual awakening to the United States where many signs and wonders have manifested.